Customer Reviews


This is a fantastic company who does everything in their power to fix a problem.  They were able to quickly get me in and even came back the following week first thing to fix a different section of my sprinkler system . The guys are courteous and explain clearly what they are doing.  I will definitely call them again.


 They did an excellent job on our yard. We had broken sprinklers all over the yard and patches that were not even getting watered. GreatWater came out and spent hours adjusting and replacing our sprinklers to make sure everything was perfect. We have struggled with our sprinkler system for years. I only wish I had contacted them earlier. I just figured it would be a huge expense. They ended up completing the job for LESS than the estimate when they were able to make some of our current sprinklers do the job without having to add new ones. I appreciate their honesty and incredible skill in getting it done right. I highly recommend this company. 


Michael has done three different projects for us. First he put in a well designed waterfall right outside my living room window. He added plants that have been able to withstand this heatwave, lights (he came back at night just to be sure the lights were just right.)and a remote control so we can decide when we want it on or off. We find it relaxing and restful to watch it and all our guests always say how beautiful it is. During that project he found a water leak in our sprinkler system where another workman had put a post into a pipe, changed out our water heads and last he put in a water pump under our house since during all the rain earlier in the year water was coming into my house. 


Greatwater Irrigation did it again! A few words to describe Michael and his crew: prompt, reasonably priced, professional, courteous, reliable, knowledgeable.  I could go on and on.... 


I moved into a house with a sprinkler system. I'd never had one before and was intimidated by it. Also felt bad about wasting water. Michael came over, adjusted everything, installed a rain sensor and water-saving heads in the front yard. He also helped me with my electric gate. (Yes, it intimidated me also.) When I get some more money, Michael will install a drip system in the flower beds. He is a jewel!


Best irrigation company ever!  We had water-efficient front lawn sprinklers  (about 40' x 20') and about 200' round trip of drip irrigation soakers installed by Michael & his crew in Aug 2016. Total cost $1,174. The old sprayers they replaced were wasting a lot of water and damaging the wood sides of our 100-year old house. This 2017 year, we had GreatWater techs return to service and re-set the system ... just $99 for top notch attentive service by 3 men. They made spray adjustments and worked out detailed rescheduling with attention to new plants and areas that had more or less sun. Greg got us all fixed up this time. We have a lot of faith in the quality you'll receive from GreatWater. Oh ... and the more efficient water usage keeps the yard and beds looking great at minimal cost. The switchover from old fashioned water sprinkling to efficient irrigation is definitely worth it.