Rachio Smart Controller

The Rachio smart controller is perfect for anyone tired of wasting money on wasted water and wants an easy way to access their system from your smartphone. It will automatically adjust for changes in weather and seasonality, using as little water as possible while keeping your landscape looking its best. It keeps you informed about your water usage and allows you to fully control your irrigation system using their iPhone, iPad or Android app.

Other Smart Products



A ruptured pipe or broken sprinkler left undetected can result in substantial damage. Plants and ground cover can be flooded, slopes can be eroded, and hundreds of gallons of water can be wasted. Hunter created the Flow-Clik flow sensor to guard against these damages in the event of a rupture. The Flow-Clik can be programmed at a specified level of flow. It will shut down irrigation if it detects a flow rate higher than the programmed limit. Therefore, the amount of water loss and system damage is substantially reduced in the event of high external leakage.  


In the average household, 58 percent of the daily water consumption is used on the landscaping, and up to half of that water is wasted.  All that wasted water costs money and can hurt your landscape.   So it just makes sense to water smarter with Baseline’s WaterTec S100™. The WaterTec S100 can reduce water use by up to 62 percent in a typical irrigation system.  Baseline’s patented soil moisture sensors not only save water, but they also help provide the right amount of water for your landscaping, which will make your plants much healthier. 


Taking water management to the next level, the proven Irritrol® RainSensor™ Series makes watering in the rain a mistake of the past. The reliable wireless and wired rain sensors conserve water by preventing irrigation during or after sufficient rainfall, while the wireless rain/freeze sensor also helps reduce vegetation damage and icing conditions when the temperature drops below a predetermined set point. With its compact design and host of convenient features, the RainSensor Series is the perfect complement to any standard controller. 


Regulating pressure saves water and extends the life of the irrigation system. Saving water is achieved through regulation by operating each zone at the best pressure for that equipment and application type. Accu-Sync is a simple pressure regulator designed to be compatible with all of Hunter’s control valves. The adjustable model enables the zone pressure to be set anywhere between 20 and 100 PSI, while fixed models remove the guesswork and can be installed throughout any system easily. From a reliability standpoint, Accu-Sync is unparalleled.